Arkipac Sdn Bhd is a consultant firm that provides medical planning consultancy and healthcare related architecture and interior design

Established since 1992 we venture into medical planning and healthcare architecture by developing our strong design, knowledge base and expertise from the myriad of healthcare projects with its unique healthcare environment and responding to their different requirements via innovative approach and solutions.  Our long involvement in the field have made us knowledgeable in dealing with regulations and guidelines for hospital and also dealing with the  authority requirements from the local council and well as Ministry of Health (MOH).

We ventured into innovative design approach, an intelligent parametric designing / planning / documenting and delivery of healthcare project with the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). Such innovation has helped us manage the large complex design data in a hospital project efficiently, improved coordination and reduces time dramatically, as oppose to the conventional method which is laborious and time consuming. Design data are better controlled and streamlined from one field to another, vastly reducing human error in coordination that can be costly to the project. Time taken for the whole project delivery process is dramatically shorten giving time advantage to the client. Upon completion the client can exploit the building information model to facilitate facility management and operation throughout the building life cycle.  The innovative design approach enable us to provide competitive consultation fees to the client.  At the end of the day we want the client to have the best satisfaction that we can offer.

We listen, we respond and we strive for design excellence through thorough research, analysis, planning, documentation and management techniques to meet the client’s requirements, needs and satisfaction. 

With more than 29 years of experience, we have moulded and shaped our expertise in this field, with Medical planning as our forte.